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      1. EPXO壓力傳感器

        2019-05-07 1130



                The EPXO is a high performance, stainless steel flush diaphragm. It is designed for high temperature, high stability, and high sensitivity applications. The EPXO is offered in pressure ranges from 10 to 500 bar in gage (vented), sealed gage, and absolute pressure. Various compensated temperature ranges are available from -40°C up to 200°C. The sensor is offered with an amplified or unamplified output.

                型: 高頻壓力傳感器
                程: 010,15,20,35,70,100,150,200,350,500BAR
            性: ±0.75%FSO
                出: 9mV,5V
        供電電源: 15VDC,±15VDC,2432VDC
        電氣連接: 螺紋接口
        工作溫度: -40125 
                點: 高頻響應,箔式硅壓阻應變片,小尺寸,動態及被動式輸出
        典型應用: 液壓系統,氣壓系統,一般干或濕介質測量,工程機械 



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